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Clubs & Activities

Adopt a Family  Ms. Forneiro, advisor
A treasured tradition that helps to reduce a significant financial hurdle by providing families in need with holiday gifts and essentials. The club emphasizes on how the family as  a whole can benefit. Throughout the year we work on various projects,  prepare for gift shopping and raise money. The more money we raise, the more families we can help and show them that we care.

Anime Club  Mr. Hans, advisor

Art Club  Ms. Garcia, advisor
Art club is geared towards creative students who share a common interest in art. Students utilize their skills throughout the school  year to lead fundraising activities, help in organizing and running our district wide art show.They also have the opportunity to attend a trip at the end of the school year to some of NYC's most well known museums and galleries. 

ASL Club  Ms. Ruggiero, advisor
ASL club is a lunch club where we meet to discuss deaf culture and learn how to communicate silently. We learn music interpretation, as well as play games, and watch movies, and plan trips to the younger schools in South River to share our love of ASL.

Astronomy Club Mr. Curran, advisor
The club informs the students about astronomical information and facts. The club holds night meetings with the three telescopes to view the night sky. The students run a star lab for the younger grades.

Athletic Training Assistants - Lunch Club Mrs. Januszkewicz, advisor
The Athletic Training Student Assistants Lunch Club is geared towards individuals that may be interested in a career in the health care professions. Students will not only learn about the field of athletic training, but also be taught both cognitive and physical skills that they will be able to apply in all aspects of their lives, not just in their occupation of choice. If you are interested, please contact Ms. B by email

Athletic Training Assistants Mrs. Januszkewicz, advisor
Those individuals that participate in the Athletic Training Student Assistants Lunch Club who would like a more in-depth experience may inquire to join the Athletic Training Student Assistants. These students assist the District Athletic Trainer after school with providing health care to the student athletes of the South River School District. On average most days there are athletic events that run until 7:00pm. It is a big commitment but there is a lot of reward. If you are interested, please contact Ms. B by email

Automotive Culture Club  Mr. Beni, advisor
If you have any interest in automobiles this is the club for you. Based on students' interests we will discuss automobile history, racing, modifications, maintenance, and more. The goal of our club is to provide a safe and fun environment where students can share their knowledge and love of cars, motorcycles, ATV's etc. We also aim to provide resources and information for students to pursue a career in the automotive industry and turn their dream jobs into a reality!

Backyard Games  Ms. Davidson, advisor

Board Games Club  Ms. Lynch, advisor
In board games club, we play games that usually involve a board.  We explore both traditional and nontraditional board games.  Games like Azul and Splendor make regular appearances.

Chess Club  Mr. Petrowski, advisor
Why a Chess Club? That is a good question. There are benefits to having a Chess Club. The benefits of chess include: According to research, test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess playing and instruction, compared with only 4.6% for students participating in other forms of enriched activities. Many researchers and studies have shown over the years that chess strengthens a student’s mental clarity, fortitude, stability, and overall health. Chess is an efficient way of helping students to grow mentally. In this technologically driven world, chess aids in the development of certain areas of the brain, thereby benefiting students as they grow older. Also, Chess Club is fun as heck! In short, the purpose of Chess Club is to learn how to think, for fun, for competition, or just to have an enjoyable game while talking to friends.

Climate Change Club Mr. Curran, advisor
We use a weather hub on top of the building to record hourly weather readings to the National Weather Service. This will make South River High School a weather hub for pilots to collect current weather conditions of our area. The information that the club collects will also be archived for climate change data. 

College Club  Ms. Santaniello, advisor
The college club will be offered to students in grades 9-12 to foster college knowledge and provide tools for career and college exploration. Students will practice using Scoir, learn how to research colleges based on their own interests, explore different careers that fit their interests, and learn about the college application and admission process. Students will also be leaders in spreading news and information regarding college exploration and readiness. Field trips to college campuses will be offered to 11th and 12th grade students through the college club. This club is also designed to offer a support system for students going through the college application process or who are interested in learning more about college as a post-secondary option.

Dance Club Mrs. Patterson, advisor
South River High School Dance Club is a program where we create a vibrant and energetic social space where students can come together to enjoy music, dance, and have a great time. In Dance Club, students will learn techniques that will help them learn not only how to dance but also give them better balance and more fluid movements. The students will learn key confidence building skills as dance allows individuals to express themselves physically and emotionally. By dancing, students learn to embrace their unique style and express their feelings, which can boost self-esteem and confidence.
This club promotes an appreciation of dance and performance through collaboration. This club will offer additional performance opportunities for students who are interested in performing solos, duos, trios or small group pieces in upcoming dance shows. Students can also join the dance club and help out behind the scenes! Students can contribute art work for programs, assist with running the lights and sound, help out with costumes, plan fundraising initiatives, assist backstage and more! 
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Drama Club  Mr. Lyon, advisor
While our mission is to produce a high-quality dramatic performance for the big stage, we also strive to create an environment of acceptance and learning. Acting offers a unique opportunity to investigate identity in a safe, supportive, and affirming environment. Come break a leg with us; all are welcome and no matter your experience or background there is a role for you in Drama Club.

Earth Club  Mr. Cumberbatch, advisor
Keeping the courtyard clean and beautiful is the Earth Club's responsibility. We clean and maintain the High School courtyard. We have planted flowers and set up bird cages around the courtyard.

Environmental Club  Ms. Anand, advisor
Envirothon is a competition based club on current global environmental issues. Intake is just 5 students and another student could be a reserve. We will be competing in New Jersey Envirothon competition in May and will be preparing rigorously during club meetings and beyond. The club meets every other Wednesday during first lunch in room 211.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)  Ms. Bussell, advisor    
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a premier student association whose mission is to inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.  By participating in competitive events, students have an opportunity to explore different careers and discover their interests. FBLA members develop their confidence as they participate in networking opportunities, leadership workshops and competitions.

Future Health Care Professionals  Ms. Heinz, advisor
This club is filled with members that have an interest in working in any area within the field of healthcare.  Students meet to discuss relevant issues, receive training on first aid and emergency care and participate in activities that support the community and needs of the student body regarding healthcare.  Please reach out to Miss Laura Heinz, Advisor at if you are interested in joining!

German Club  Ms. Weymann, advisor
The German Club at South River High School promotes the appreciation for German culture and language. The purpose is to foster friendship, and build community through various activities and events. The German club is open to anyone who is sincerely interested in learning and promoting German culture and heritage. Our German Club activities vary from year to year, but the German club is open to the school community and not merely an extension of the German classes.  We organize cultural events that promote/ showcase German way of life and culture. Good examples would be the German movie and game nights or cultural events like German Christmas, Oktoberfest, and ‘Carnival’ festivities. The events have been very well received and we often get supported by students who are not in any of the German classes. 

German Honor Society (Delta Epsilon Phi)  Ms. Weymann, advisor       
The German National Honor Society for High School Students, Delta Epsilon Phi, recognizes the outstanding achievements of students of German. It was established in 1968 by Käthe Wilson to promote scholastic achievements and German language and culture. At South River High School, inducted members are taking on leadership positions in the German club and complete special cultural projects like Teach German Day. The students also organize the Annual German Spring Party. In addition, they participate in the Rutgers competition for High School German students.

Improv Club  Ms. Swercheck, advisor
Improv Club is a group that practices the fine art of making things up! Students who are interested in theatre, or those that just want to work on confidence in new situations can benefit from learning the basics of Improv.  We play theatre games, and learn how to create and act out scenes based on audience suggestions.  It is a fun and engaging lunch club filled with lots of laughs.

Interact  Ms. Tschopp, advisor
The Interact Club is a student volunteer organization that seeks to help improve our school environment as well as the Borough of South River. The members of the club give freely of their time to make meaningful contributions that benefit the students of our school and the members of our community. The students have raised money for the Adopt-A-Family program and a local animal shelter. They have run food drives for the South River and Middlesex County Food Banks. They volunteer at community wide events and have participated in local park cleanups.

International Club  Ms. DeSilva, advisor
The International Club is an extracurricular club dedicated to learning about the diversity of different cultures. The club provides an environment in which everyone learns about diverse cultures while promoting respect, understanding, and cultural awareness. It is open to all students and provides opportunities for everyone from different backgrounds and nationalities to come together. We learn about different customs and traditions while engaging in diverse activities throughout the year at various events which include International Education Week, mini-language lessons, international film showings, food tastings, presentations, learning international songs and dances, making crafts and decorations representing other countries.

Jeopardy Club  Mr. Septor, advisor
Trivia fans rejoice as America’s favorite quiz show comes to South River High School! Students will team up to buzz in to recreations of actual Jeopardy games from the past. Quick thinking and puzzle solving are key skills to excel in this club. Teams will compete to rack up the highest score and be crowned the Jeopardy champions with all of the bragging rights included. Do you have what it takes?!

Marching Band and Color Guard  Mr. McDowell, director, Ms. Lynch, advisor

Math & Science Honor Society  Mr. Curran, advisor
The students are selected for this program by having a high GPA in both honors science and math classes. They compete in competition to test their knowledge against other schools. The students help tutor students struggling in math or science at the high school level. 

Model UN  Mr. DeRitis, advisor
Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations in which students represent different member states and research the positions of those states regarding international political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental issues. Student members use knowledge gained through their research to defend their states' positions, much as a national ambassador to the United Nations would do. Student members may have the opportunity to participate in Model UN conferences where they simulate the United Nations with students from other schools' Model UN programs.

National Honor Society  Ms. Olcott/ Ms. Cobb, advisors
National Honor Society is an organization based on the pillars of Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership. Students apply for membership and are chosen baaed on how well they exemplify the pillars in their daily lives.  As an organization, the students run the annual Breakfast with Santa, adopt several families through Adopt-A-Family, present the ‘road to success’ at freshman orientation, run fundraisers to raise money to be donated to causes. Last year, they donated to New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cardiac Division and to the Ronald McDonald House.

Newspaper  Mr. Musante, advisor
The Newspaper Club is a club dedicated to the creation of The Ram, South River High School's student-run newspaper.  This club will write and edit articles as well as design and layout the issues of the newspaper using cutting-edge technology to produce a paper that is the pride of South River High School.  Newspaper Club members are usually former students of the Journalism class, but new member are always welcome.

OneMic  Mr. Coney, advisor
What is OneMic?
OneMic is a club/group that aims to create a safe space for discussions, address specific issues that young people face in today's world. Like Teen Summit we will discuss various social, cultural, and educational issues that young people face in their daily lives. Some issues maybe controversial but it all to create dialog between the young and the old.

Peer Leadership  Mr. Keller/ Ms. Patterson, advisors
Peer Leadership is a program for freshmen that supports their transition to our school by having them meet weekly in groups with trained high school juniors and seniors who serve as their mentors

People for Change  Ms. Coffey, advisor

Podcasting  Mr. Uddin, advisor
Students in the podcasting club create personal and school-related podcasts using studio equipment and the Podcasters for Spotify website/app. The club is made up of students who are not enrolled in the Podcasting course, but would still like to learn how to podcast as well as contribute to what the Podcasting course students are working on.

Rams Runway  Ms. Damatta, advisor
If you enjoy retail and helping others, this is the club for you. The Ram Runway was established as a place to recycle clothing and accessories, as well as, make donations of new items available to the SRHS community. Members will be organizing the Runway, handling incoming donations, dressing mannequins and creating displays. As with any organization, many administrative duties are required to keep things going. Therefore, club members will also be involved with fundraising, record keeping, event planning, writing articles, announcements, creating promotional videos, photography, maintaining an updated school bulletin board and much more.

Robotics  Mr. Curran/ Mr. Keller, advisors
We are partnered with First Robotics Competition to create a robot that works autonomously as well as with human input for a specific game each year. We work together in all aspects of STEAM education for the purpose of improving the community. We also work with community members and volunteer as much as we can.

Rutgers University Business Youth Program (R.U.B.Y.) Mrs. Bussell, advisor         
The mission of the Rutgers University Business Youth (RUBY) program is to provide high school students with an experiential learning opportunity to supplement the teachings from their high school business classes and prepare them for college.  The students in the RUBY Program participate in a business plan competition, on-campus classes (including college preparation lessons), interaction with current Rutgers Business School students (mentor relationships), and soft skills development (i.e. team building, interviewing and presentation skills).  Students participate during their sophomore, junior and senior years. The students have plenty of opportunities to network with students from all schools involved.  The interaction with students across all involved schools is a crucial element of the program to enhance the learning experience through diversity of thought.

Safety Ambassadors Mr. Curran, advisor
The students go to the Primary School to teach the 1st graders basic safety knowledge through entertaining skits. The Safety Ambassadors cover topics such as: wheel safety, car safety, pedestrian safety, and fall prevention.  

S.M.I.L.E Club TBD

Social Justice Club Mrs. Patterson, advisor
South River High School's Social Justice Club is  a safe space where students of all backgrounds and ethnicities can discuss and address the injustices that are happening around the world and in our own community. SRHS Social Justice club is a student-led organization dedicated to raising awareness about, advocating for, and actively addressing various social justice issues, both within the school community and beyond. We partner with the South River School District in the Central Jersey Consortium for Equity and Excellence. In our club we look to improve our local community and school district by taking action on creating equitable practices for both faculty, students, parents, and community members. Our mission is to promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity while actively working to combat various social injustices through education, advocacy, and community engagement.
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Social Studies Honor Society  Mr. Minto, advisor
The purpose of this club is to further develop a passion for social studies and social studies related topics and fields through service in the community, a promotion of leadership, and a development of character within its members at South River High School. Membership in the South River High School Social Studies Honor Society is an honor, privilege, and a responsibility bestowed upon the student.  Selection will be based on passing the College Board Advanced Placement United States History exam, with passing being a score of 3, 4 or 5.  Active status will be based on dedication to the academic field of social studies, participation in activities that demonstrate civil engagement in the school or community and the display of outstanding character.

Student Council  Mr. Matts/ Ms. Correale, advisors
The Student Council is at the forefront of student leadership and student issues in the high school. It is dedicated to helping students become more active and engaged in their school and communities. The Student Council helps organize the voice of the students through peer representation. The council sponsors  various events throughout the course of the school year, and works with school administrators to make these events and activities available to the students, faculty, staff, and members of the community.
Each spring an election of Executive officers will take place and in early September each grade level will choose representatives to serve on the council and represent their class.
Students that are interested in leadership, organizational behavior, event planning or becoming more involved in the school are welcome to check out how to be a part of the Student Council.

Table Tennis Club  Mr. Lepore, advisor
Table Tennis Club is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch 1, for all students to play both single and double games.  Games are played to 7 points, win by 2.

TV 36  Mr. Christie, advisor
TV 36 is a club that will feature student created content, School  News and Sports as well as a variety of video content related to the South River School District.

Unified Club  Mr. Christie & Ms. Stout, advisors
Special Olympics is dedicated to promoting social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences. Unified Sports joins people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team. It was inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding. In Unified Sports, teams are made up of people of similar age and ability. That makes practices more fun and games more challenging and exciting for all. Having sport in common is just one more way that preconceptions and false ideas are swept away.

Weight Room  Mr. Feaster, advisor
The weight room club is designed to be a fitness club for beginners.  Students will have the opportunity to learn basic weight lifting techniques in a safe and supervised environment as well as learn what exercises develop which parts of the body.  Students that want specific instruction for sport or fitness related goals will be able to find it at the weight room club.

Yearbook  Mr. Matts, advisor
The staff of the Oriflamme has a long tradition of creating an annual book of memories. Our objective is to highlight the individuals, classes, events and experiences that South River High School generates. Through pictures and words, we forever emboss our place in time. The Oriflamme represents all classes, therefore we look for members from every grade to help create the yearbook.
Creative skills are important, as well as organization and knowledge of the yearbook software which training sessions will be held in the early weeks of meetings. The design and creation of the yearbook takes time. Generally, we work from the first week of school until the books are distributed in June. The club will meet during specified times during the lunch club time periods. Our yearbook is created online through an online program provided by the yearbook publisher, therefore layout work can be accessed at home when time is sparse during the school day. this helps keep the book creation moving and deadlines on time.
Students can also choose to take the Computer Graphics course which will lead to a second level Production Graphics, this course concentrates widely on the creation of the yearbook.