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Core Values


The Core Ethical Values of the South River Public Schools are founded upon the cornerstones of respect, responsibility, kindness, service, and honesty. A value is a belief about what is good that transcends specific situations and that guides judgment and decision making. Core ethical values are at the heart of effective character education and they guide the process of creating a character education initiative to assist schools in making decisions about what happens in the classroom.  Each of these values contributes to shaping school culture and environment in order for all members of the school community to develop a lifelong passion for learning and desire to strive to meet the highest of expectations in terms of personal, professional, and/or academic growth and achievement. By embracing these values on a daily basis, all members of the school community and general community can be confident in themselves and feel secure in the learning environment.

 “Strive for Five”


  • Treat others as you would want to be treated and accept differences.

  • Use appropriate language and manners.

  • Honor the rights of others.

  • Obey laws, school policies, rules, and authority.

  • Cooperatively work with others to solve problems and maintain a positive attitude.


  • Make informed and well thought out decisions by beginning with the end in mind and considering the consequences.

  • Persevere and keep on trying when things become difficult by always doing your best.

  • Be accountable for your actions.

  • Serve as an active bystander by taking positive action against wrongdoing.

  • Be punctual; arrive to school and class on time regularly.


  • Be compassionate, show you care, forgive others, and help those in need.

  • Be patient.

  • Be open-minded and listen to what others are trying to tell you.

  • Deal peacefully with insults and disagreements; control your anger and frustrations by developing healthy coping strategies; use self-control and be self-disciplined.

  • Consider others’ feelings and communicate empathetically.


  • Volunteer and participate in the school and community.

  • Take on positive leadership roles.

  • Think win/win and constantly seek a mutual benefit in all human interactions.

  • Be generous and give without expecting anything in return.

  • Be dependable and reliable.


  • Be truthful at all times.

  • When mistakes are made, admit them.

  • Be proud of your own work.

  • Model good citizenship.

  • Use good judgment in difficult situations.